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Conman releases sweet new track ‘Make Me Laugh’

We always feel like we’ve been through a lot with Jack Conman. And that’s because ever since we heard that first charming cord of Greatly Hasty, we felt like we’d found an aural soul sanctuary.

‘Make Me Laugh’ is chirpy and cynical about life’s imperfections, like a Sunday without the hangover. The song stays in Jack’s lane of home grown beauty, with a near perfect introduction of a soft female vocal in the chorus. The harmony provides a platform for a soft thought process like we’ve grown to love from Conman, but with the addition of him clearly thinking more about how he can make his poetry sound around all vocals.

There’s the predictable excellence of what Jack is actually trying to say, too. ‘I don’t think I’m alright’ – that in itself is a pretty simple statement, but when it’s draped over those husky Hull vocals, it’s a little whisper of a reminder it’s likely we’re all thinking the same thing. 

It’s like someone stroking your hair when you’re lying on your side, pulling away that long thread of messy thoughts. Do we all have that trademark doubt Jack’s strumming about? Absolutely. So it’s refreshing (and feels like a home away from home) to listen to someone in the same fucked up boat. Metaphorically, of course. 

Honesty in lyrics.

‘The way your head’s wired up means you’re not quite right’ isn’t a thinly veiled insult. Jack’s saying it how it is. He’s not quite right, you’re not quite right, and we can’t remember the last person we met who really felt like they were. It’s possibly touching upon messages he wants to speak more about in his upcoming record ‘Seventh Sense Libido.’ We’re left wanting to know more, and that’s the important thing.

The sheer bloody brilliance of Conman’s music is that it always feels familiar. His acoustic contemplations sound like the house you rented in second year of uni. You’ve taken your coat off, your best mate is on the couch with a rolly whinging about coursework. Life isn’t easy, and it’s maybe not where you want to be all the time but you love it because it’s yours. That’s what Make Me Laugh sounds like.

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