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Oh Papa release new track ‘Magnetic

Thirty seconds into this song, I already knew I loved it and it would become one my best finds from 2019. With the beginning chimes sounding like the best part of your favourite 50’s film, you are fully immersed into the world of the beautiful sound of the guitar. ‘Magnetic’ is the love anthem we all needed, stripping back to just vocals and a simple melody, there is nothing better than this sweet sound. Jack Davies, the leader singer, provides us with soothing vocals and with backing from the band with the steady beat. you are intrigued and feel yourself begin to smile and sway to the charming lyrics and calm tone. This song has a feature from ‘Before Breakfast’, who combined with Davies, creates a perfect harmony making the song even more sensational.

The band, Oh Papa originating from Sheffield, are a four piece who bring a vintage sound to modern day with their quiet and delicate approach to their song making, which is very refreshing to hear an indie band not focusing on rock, especially as this contrasts other Sheffield bands like Arctic Monkeys and Pulp. The lads have already released an EP in 2018 called ‘Papa Les’ named after lead singer, Jack Davies, grandfather with a picture of him being on the cover. The EP is twenty minutes of pure bliss to your ears as every song is as thoughtful and meaningful as the other. With similar melodies to John Lennon’s slower music and spectacular vocals and lyrics, I really see this band hitting it off and making it big. I can’t wait to see what they release next.

Words by Molly Wood

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