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Floodhounds release new track ‘Out Of Time’

Out of Time is the shiny new single from Sheffield-based indie-rock trio, FloodHounds, following their May EP, Always in Sight and rock-heavy lead single, Take It Too Far. In anticipation of this release, FloodHounds have performed a multitude of live shows, even including headlines as far as Paris, with the band previously playing support slots for the likes of The Blinders, Blackwaters, Avalanche Party and Calva Louise. It’s safe to say that this is a band who are continuing to cause a storm in the local music scene.

After a successful Crowdfunding campaign resulting in the recording of this new music, and their biggest hometown gig at Record Junkee last week (full review here), the track’s official release has been hotly anticipated by their loyal fanbase. It’s no doubt the trio’s new single is a banger, with BBC Introducing already showing their support and naming Out of Time their record of the week.

The track begins with a strong, impactful introduction which immediately conveys a harsher and heavier sound compared to some of FloodHounds’ previous releases. The three piece, consisting of Jack on guitar/vocals, Joel on bass, and Lauren on drums, have quickly become a Words For Music favourite, known for ‘delivering intense, rabble-rousing live shows with their fusion of blues, grunge and punk’. It’s clear the band also have their favourites too, in the form of the track’s producer Thomas Mitchener, whom they knew would be ‘a perfect fit’ for their new songs with his reputation for ‘making thumping punk rock’. Musically, it appears that the band have successfully achieved this punkier sound through the track’s stunning production, featuring new harsher guitar riffs combined with manic drums and noticeably raw, powerful vocals.

Out of Time is “a wild riotous chase” focusing on the idea of missed decisions that you should have made, with these regrets “wearing away at your peace of mind” as you run out of time. Lyrics such as ‘tongue tied, can’t hide, won’t make it out alive’ highlight this frustration where you can’t seem to let things go. The short snappy lyrics evident throughout the entire song reflect the panic that come with feeling like the clock’s running out, demonstrated by ‘fists pounding at the door, peer through the cracks, I know that I’m out of time’.

The track has been described as a no holds barred, 3-chord indie punk thrasher’, exuding lashings of energy and passion. While the track is definitely punk oriented, the band have always claimed multiple levels of style. Frontman, Jack, notes that the track is ‘deceptively simple’, but within this, brings attention to the fact that they ‘had to record the lurching triplets that roll into each new section separately because they’re in a different time signature or tempo to the rest of the song’. With FloodHounds, there’s definitely more than what first meets the eye with their genre-fusing approach to music, paired with their outstanding hard-working ethic that is to thank for everything that they produce. 

All in all, FloodHounds’ latest release, Out of Time is a refreshing and exhilarating new release from the band. With such a great track, we certainly can’t wait for their next release, ‘Something Primeval’, similarly produced by Thomas Mitchener and set for release in February 2020!

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