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The Slumdogs have ‘Brainwashed’ Us With Their Enthralling Punk

After a summer of silence, The Slumdogs are back on the scene with a bang, thanks to the release of ‘Brainwashed’. 

The single had a lot to live up to, following on from the incredible debut EP Where’s Your Sanity? from back in 2018, but has successfully earned itself a place of pride in the Slumdogs discography. 

The single takes the bands sound to a new age, as they’ve fully stepped away from the rough and brash sound of first single Nightmare. The two years and two days between their first and latest single have allowed them to turn their wonderfully messy punk into something much more polished and accessible, while retaining the punk attitude and incredibly infectious riffs. 

Brainwashed is reminiscent of The Last Shadow Puppets effortless psychedelic groove, injected with The Slumdogs seemingly signature earworm riffs and power that ramps it up to a four and a half minute boogie-worthy psych-punk wonder. 

The single’s B side, The Ballad of Phaedra Beau, sees the band lending their hand to a somewhat softer and dreamy style, but keeps the strength and memorable melodies that make the band shine through the rest. 

Keep a close eye on The Slumdogs. It’s easy to see their musical development through the past couple years, and while they’re becoming much more polished and maturing in their sound, they’ve rightly refused to compromise their style. Trust us, you’ll be brainwashed from your first listen. 

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