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New Saytr Play Track Evokes Nostalgia

Remember your first house party? Maybe you were 14 or so – you were allowed to take a bottle of Asda’s finest Smirnoff Ice to your mate’s house, and you had your best jeans on because your crush in Year 11 was going to be there? ‘Honest Man’ is all of those pure, nostalgic feelings and a cheeky promise of endless good times ahead.

It’s a natural audio evolution of both man and music. Saytr’s sound is the best it’s ever been, and it’s probably because they’re playing their most direct message. It’s the scariest thing in the word when you realise you’re in so deep with someone you’re left with no option but to give them your true self, and ask that that’s enough – so imagine making that universal heart flutter sound this effortless?

Honest Man is still trademark Saytr Play, and it’s no mean feat to keep such a consistent sound on an EP that doesn’t exist yet. (Hint hint, boys). This isn’t another done-to-death Manchester track. It’s honesty in practice and theory in not trying to be something it’s not, and neither is the protagonist.

It’s the kind of relationship we want to be in. It’s not perfect and it might never be – but do you ever end up loving anyone more than the person who tried the most for you? Fred Farnell’s vocals have kept their unique husky tones, and they’re still flirting around that original, under ground sound we can’t find anywhere else.

Honest Man‘ is pulling on the ol’ heart strings, and you can’t help but feel proud of the Saytr Play boys. We love this track, and we want to take it home to meet our mums.

So, honestly? ‘Honest Man’ has us all up in our feelings. We’re a little in love, maybe we’re a little turned on? We just can’t bloody wait to see what Saytr Play do next.

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Words by Lauren Dodd

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