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Wave Chase Impress On Latest Indie Banger

Wave Chase released their latest single, ‘Talk Tonight’, on 1st November. This comes after the indie-rock foursome released ‘Walk The Walk’ in September, as well as performing at a number of live shows, including one to raise money for Oxjam in their hometown of Bournemouth.

The track’s production is one of its focal points. It appears to centre around a sound reminiscent of Circa Waves with energetic, infectious, indie guitar riffs, and while this is a definite pleaser, solidifying the track as catchy and getting it stuck in your head, the track’s changes in production are even more interesting. The track’s production both lifts to build the song throughout, but there are also sections which seem to break it down as the anthemic vocal delivery prevails more so in the foreground.

The track appears to address the action of pining to talk to someone, particularly an ex partner following a break up, nodding towards the age old feeling of not knowing what to do with yourself following such an experience, but just holding onto that hope that you’ll be able to speak to them again. This becomes evident in ‘So tell me why can’t I talk to you tonight/Nothing else to do/And it’s me on my own/Phone again’ and ‘I had my chance and now I think I’ve blown it’. More specifically, it’s clear to see that there’s a focus on pleading to this somebody over the phone.

This is complemented skillfully by further choices made in the production of the track. Before the high energy indie riffs kick in, the track opens with the sound of a phone beginning to connect to the number that’s been dialled, the noise heard as you start to make a phone call. There’s a sense of continuity with this theme as beginning around the last minute of the track, the instruments simplify and voice quality changes as ‘So tell me why can’t I talk to you tonight/Nothing else to do’ is delivered. Here, the band skillfully present a short section of the track which appears to imitate the sound quality of a voicemail that’s been left, presenting a real ‘aha’ moment as you realise what the band’s managing to do. To close the track, the action of making a phone call is rounded off as it ends with the sound of the phone being hung up, similar to a payphone which has been disconnected.

All in all, Wave Chase exude infectious indie energy in this latest release. But in my opinion, it’s the use of skillful production techniques that really make the song both interesting and entertaining to listen to. It looks like we’ll be keeping our eyes open for more future indie bangers by the band!

Catch the band live at their remaining shows of the year!

12th December – Heartbreakers, Southampton

21st December – Anvil, Bournemouth – Supporting Death By Shotgun (Free Entry)

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