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Abandon Ship! Back With New Release

‘Say The Word’ is the latest single by Basingstoke’s, Abandon Ship! The indie foursome are back following their June release, ‘Table For One’ and their run of shows including performing at Tramlines Festival and gigging with TUYS.

The track brings an air of great uplifting spirit through its pleasant, catchy production. With the band’s influences including Foals, The Japanese House and The 1975, it’s no surprise the track centres largely around the use of energetic, upbeat guitars and indie riffs, highly reminiscent of the latter, which results in a track which is, in the words of BBC Introducing, ‘catchy, anthemic, and raw as hell’.

Lyrically, the track is highly relatable, with the band claiming that their songs often take inspiration from ‘observations of the pleasures and disaffections of post-millennial Britain’. This is made abundantly clear through the uttering of ‘Let’s go and cure some cabin fever/Let’s get distracted’, no doubt an experience and wish that is held by a multitude of the younger generation as they attempt to block out the many challenges of mundane day to day life in today’s society.

This is taken one step further as the band touches upon the idea of youth using nights outs and drink as diversions from such monotony, in ‘It’s never just one drink anyway, but I’d never say no/ Oh, I could never say no to you’ and ‘The next time I see you I’ll be steamed/ You’ll be out cold in ripped up jeans’. There appears to be parallels between this lyrical content and frontman, Luke’s, experiences when writing the track, claiming it was composedduring a period of time where one of my best friends Nick and I used to go out ‘on the sesh’ all the time’, a period that was both ‘a whole lotta fun’ and one that gave the track ‘observations’ to draw from.

There are also more hidden, subtle lyrics in the track which appear with the incorporation of ‘Casey’, the track by The Menzingers which provides the single with another anecdotal dimension. This is most evident in ‘Oh me and Casey, we always take it too far’ and ‘Now Casey’s half the world away, it’s for the best I think you’d say, but you know I’m not sure’. This reference appears as a result of Luke’s dear friend, Nick, introducing him to the song before he moved to Canada and subsequently became a namesake in the form of his ‘Casey’ character, a sure-fire nod to their friendship. It’s a musical crossover we didn’t know we needed, but we’re glad we got.

‘Say The Word’ is the lead single from the band’s forthcoming EP, ‘Wrong Again’, set to be released in February 2020. It’s safe to say the track has definitely piqued our interest for the EP and we can’t wait to hear it!

Keep an eye out on the band’s social media (we may or may not have heard EP related tour rumours)!

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Twitter: @AbandonShipUK

Instagram: abandonshipuk

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