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Nadia Sheikh Releases Latest Single ‘Break Free’

Break Free is the beautiful new single from London-based artist Nadia Sheikh which follows her energetic, indie rock and roll track Toxic, released in January of this year. As well as receiving great praise from the likes of BBC Radio 2 and Radio X, Nadia was tipped as one of This Feeling’s ‘Big in 2018’, and has played a plethora of performances in the UK and Spain, including the Isle of Wight and Benicassim Festival.

Nadia and the band, consisting of Rowan (bass), Lorenzo (lead guitar) and George (drums), have also played with the likes of Sophie and the Giants and Valeras, as well as Words For Music favourite FloodHounds. Produced by Nigel Walker and recorded at The Mixroom in London, Break Free is Nadia’s highly anticipated new release, further adding to a back catalogue of an artist who has already started to make her exciting stamp on the music industry.

Break Free ultimately focuses upon ideas of “realising you’ve become part of what you hated” and expressing feelings of wanting to break free after feeling “sucked into a society that you don’t belong in”. Opening lyrics such as ‘I’ve become the mannequin of my illusion, I’ve become what I always feared’ immediately portray these ideas through Nadia’s clear, haunting vocals. This is further conveyed in lyrics such as ‘I’ve lost my head, now I can’t find it’ and ‘I keep on running through this concrete jungle’ which allude to feelings of frustration and a lack of self-control which are often evident when feeling trapped in a difficult situation with no way of escape.

Musically, the track’s mellow introduction consists of simple, wispy vocals reminiscent of artists such as LIO and Halsey. This, alongside a soft guitar strum and cymbal combo, gradually builds throughout the track with the addition of a steady drum beat alongside hints of funk, soul and blues. Plucky guitars mirror the tune of the verses and are reminiscent of 70s classic rock, providing nods to Santana and Dire Straits, eventually leading into a satisfyingly rocky guitar solo.

The repetitive chorus “its time now to close your eyes, it’s time now to break free” proves to be intoxicatingly catchy. On the surface, the track appears simple but effective, but upon multiple listens, the mix of different sounds and influences can really be appreciated. The vast array of sounds that are evident in a lot of her work seems to be reflective of Nadia’s half English, half Spanish heritage, if not solely through the music, but definitely through the energy and passion that she exudes.

The track is yet another stunning example of Nadia’s trademark genre-fusing approach to music, earning her the title of a ‘genre chameleon’. Here, Nadia manages to successfully combine elements of rock and roll with classic 70s rock, all the while maintaining an accessible, yet energetic, air of indie rock throughout the entirety of the track, only to be further complemented by her mesmerisingly sweet vocals. 

Overall, Break Free is a strong new release which, as well as highlighting Nadia’s musical versatility, is yet another piece which showcases the band’s collective talent, energy and passion for music. 

Nadia has a couple of shows left before the year is over and has also been working on some exciting new material with James Morrison (Stereophonics’ drummer) that is set to be released in 2020 – keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Make sure to catch Nadia Sheikh at one of her upcoming live shows! 

Friday 29th November – The Green Door Store – Brighton, UK

Saturday 7th December – Notting Hill Arts Club – London, UK

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