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Gazelle release New Track ‘Have You Found Forever?’

Fresh off the back of their debut EP Young Blood which we first heard in May, Gazelle have just released another belter for sold out stadiums to sing along to. The work of four working class Leicester lads,‘Have you Found Forever Now’ follows the path of their previous rock music adding to their impressive resume of great tunes.

Despite ‘Have You Found Forever Now’ showing their rock side, it also exposes a softer side to this band, as lead singer Ryan Dunn plays the acoustic guitar for the main chords. This acoustic hints to another side of this band that we still have to look forward to. Having said that, the electric guitar plays frequent infectious hooks accompanied all too well by the driving beat of the drums. Dunn’s lead vocals have an impressive northern feel to them, drawing comparisons to successful bands such as Courteeners and Oasis. 

The four piece also dropped a video alongside the track with parallel messages to the song. Interlinking clips of the band playing with a dancer performing on a big stage, it’s a joyous video which is cut short when we learn that the ‘dancer’ is simply cleaning the auditorium. It links nicely to ‘Have you Found Forever Now’ as it relates to the feeling of when your dream seems unreachable. 

Gazelle’s latest track has them progressing in their career, but they haven’t found forever just yet.

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