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Yorkshire Four-piece Showcase Impressive New Track

‘LOVE’ is the latest single by Yorkshire four-piece, ØRMSTONS. Previously backed by BBC Introducing, the band has accumulated a loyal fanbase not restricted to their hometowns of Sheffield and Leeds. With several support slots under their belt for the likes of Anteros, Airways, Jerry Williams and Ten Tonnes, the band’s new track has been hotly anticipated.

As the track begins, there appears to be a certain similarity to Wolf Alice’s fan favourite, ‘Beautifully Unconventional’. From here, the band definitely capitalise on the use of catchy indie riffs to create a pleasant production which, with skilful poppy guitars, steady drums and lead vocalist, Jess’ melodic vocals allow the track to build beautifully through its different sections, seeming to offer a different energy to the foursome’s February release, ‘Can’t Take Your Call’.

Credit: Paul Samuels

The track’s title aptly reveals its obvious theme of love, but this is not presented simply. Jess, instead, delivers a more critical debate regarding love, or lack thereof through a series of stand out, poignant lyrics, its main overarching focus appearing to centre on the band’s shared musing that love is rather a ‘tricky thing’.

Credit: Daniel Pahlen

A certain level of confusion and second-guessing in love is presented, first and foremost through the track’s opening lyrics, ‘Are we in love or is this just attraction/I said, are we in love or was this a one night thing?’, this being repeated multiple times throughout with the track ending on the sentiment ‘Are we in love?’. This age-old feeling of never really knowing what the other person is feeling, never mind how you yourself are, is also capitalised on as Jess sings, ‘How can I look you in the face again without knowing that this feeling is mutual?/How do I go about this situation?’.

The band ultimately aim, and manage to capture the blurred lines we often find ourselves attempting to navigate in relationships as the band have acknowledged that, ‘sometimes you can believe that the thing you’re feeling for a certain person is love’, but often you find out that it’s not, and you can, at the blink of an eye, ‘wake up from the feeling’ and ‘notice you’ve just been in a dream state as such and you’re just attracted to that person’.

Credit: Paul Samuels

As well as this uncertainty, the sensationalised nature of love and the need to find it as soon as possible are also acknowledged. Jess succinctly translates this in the track, exclaiming that she doubted she would ever ‘find’ it, and even considering that perhaps she was ‘dreaming this’. There is a real nod to the time precious presentation of love and how concerned we find ourselves with this, as the band share the view that ‘We’re all in such a hurry to find the one, we believe that if it doesn’t happen by a certain age, it’s probably never going to happen to us at all’.

Our predisposition to fawn over love and consider it a top-line priority is further summed up as Jess berates her lover with classic ØRMSTONS attitude, ‘So don’t screw it up/So don’t mess it up’ despite her recognition of uncertainty. It seems that this pressure and great want for love is manifested in desperation to make a relationship work despite not actually knowing if it is real or not, really translating the idea that we don’t want to miss the boat. The band credit such feelings to the influence of multiple modern-day sources which hike up the pressure to fall in love and have it all sorted out, claiming we are primarily enticed to feel this way via the presentation of ‘perfect relationships, which we crave’ on ‘TV programmes and online’ which certainly make their way into both our expectations from relationships, as well as the way in which we conduct them.

Credit: Paul Samuels

All in all, ‘LOVE’ only adds to ØRMSTONS’ beautifully crafted back catalogue, complimenting their previous singles, ‘Bridgewater Way’ (2017), ‘Mexico City’ (2018) and ‘Can’t Take Your Call’ (2019). Formed back in 2016 with connections beginning both at Leeds City College, and through gigging in the city, the band show no sign of stopping any time soon, constantly writing and striving for more. With this in mind, could we expect a run of headline performances in the near future, or perhaps an EP, or even a debut album? We can but hope.

Catch the band live at their upcoming support slots!

8th November – The Leadmill, Sheffield – Supporting Willie J Healey

28th November – Café Totem, Sheffield – Supporting Deco

2nd December – The Polar Bear, Hull – Supporting CHILDCARE

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