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Southampton Trio Drop Explosive New Track

There’s a fair bit of talent coming out of Southampton right now, and Mystic Peach are up there with the best. Combining grunge and psych with good, old-fashioned alt-rock, these guys aren’t pissing around. Newest track ‘The Eye And The Twitch’ sees the band go up another level, both in terms of talent and ferocity.

There’s shades of early Peace, particularly in frontman Curtis Gale’s vocals, but with more garage-rock influence than the indie mainstays. Mystic Peach prove themselves to be more than able to go hard and embrace a more punk-tinged sound.

“My girlfriend’s mad at me/I’ve got no energy” howls Gale in the explosive chorus, as the rest of the instrumentation contorts around his vocals. Menacing garagey riffs are juxtaposed with psychedelic melodies against a backdrop of thundering drums, as the track culminates with an intense, grunge-flavoured finale.

Speaking about the track, Mystic Peach described it as being about “lack of sleep, confusing fantasy and hallucinations for reality and the mood swings that come with it.”

The three-piece are set to finish the year off by supporting the likes of YAK, The Black Lips and Crows, and they aren’t a band to miss on the live circuit. If ‘The Eye And The Twitch’ is anything to go by, they may well graduate to larger venues in the not-so-distant future.

Check ‘The Eye And The Twitch’ out on Spotify:

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