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Nervous Pills Pack a Punch on Latest Single

Sheffield trio Nervous Pills have been gaining a lot of momentum in the local music scene after stints at Tramlines Fringe and Y Not festival in the summer, playing alongside fellow local bands FloodHounds and BlackWaters, as well as support slots for Lady Bird and JOHN (TIMES TWO). After releasing their third single Trees Are Green earlier this year, Necrophilia is the band’s latest, punchy release.

The creepy, unsettling intro immediately brings a different vibe to this track which is significantly more dramatic compared previous releases. The addition of an atmospheric whirring guitar riff, energetic drums and heavy, grungy bassline convey the band’s familiar punk grunge vibe, but in this instance everything appears to be ten times darker. This darkness is also reflective of the tracks sinister title, a metaphor which is deeply disturbing yet also manages to evoke a poignant message through the track’s musical and lyrical delivery.

Opening lyrics ‘there’s no escaping, there’s no escape route’ convey feelings of being trapped in an unwanted situation, with ‘if you took a look inside my head you’d not come out the same’ aiming to address the frustration that comes with feeling trapped inside your own mind with your own dark thoughts.This track also questions the compassion of today’s cold society, and often flippant attitude to mental health,with lyrics ‘I’m telling you boy you have to remain humane’, highlighting the lack of empathy and understanding that some people have towards the emotions of others.

The darker sounds featured on this single compliment some of the more sincere themes that are present, making Necrophilia a strong track with impact, both musically and through its cryptic message. By using such an uncomfortable taboo as its title, this track juxtaposes something controversial with something that should not be. The taboo surrounding mental health is something that needs to be crushed, with the overall message being that people shouldn’t be afraid to talk about how they’re feeling, and people shouldn’t be afraid to listen and help each other. There’s a lot to be achieved by being a respectful, compassionate and decent human being, especially in times of darkness.

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