Sea Girls @ Manchester Academy – 17/10/19 | Live Review

Sea Girls Enthrall Manchester On Latest Tour

Upcoming indie band Sea Girls’ latest UK tour saw the band break away from their underground status as they prove they are already ready for stadium tours. I managed to bag tickets for the quartet’s gig at the Manchester Academy as part of their latest tour. Having sold out a few weeks earlier, the hype for this gig had been building up since I bought my tickets and Manchester was ready for Sea Girls, but were Sea Girls ready for Manchester?

‘The Mysterines’ were a pleasant announcement for this gig as support. This trio absolutely killed their set and did their job as support perfectly and they prepared the crowd for the main act. What was so enjoyable about their set was the sheer happiness that could be seen on each of their faces whilst the crowd screamed and shouted in all the right places. 

After a short set up, the quartet swaggered on in their own particular outfits, with frontman James sporting a blue, baggy jersey with ‘Luck’ written across the back. It was a nice touch, but their strong performance was much more than luck and each song was rehearsed to perfection. Before any music was played, the lead singer stated that ‘We want to keep everyone here safe, including the girls’ which highlighted the friendly atmosphere and the gentleness of Sea Girls’ crowd. Everybody was there for the exact same reason, and it was beautiful. 

The bars to the first song started and the night began; Sea Girls took the phrase ‘begin as you mean to go on’ literally as ‘Violet’, their latest release, was the first track to grace our ears. The quartet looked ecstatic as each song progressed and there was a genuine connection between them and us.  Classic Sea Girls tracks were played such as ‘Call Me Out’, ‘All I Wanna Hear You Say’ and ‘Lost’, alongside two unreleased tunes that got the crowd bouncing. The atmosphere was electric, and within the first few seconds of the first few songs the crowd were jumping so hard I feared for the floor! Mosh pits were formed, but they weren’t aggressive – in fact, it was gentle as the crowd jumped in unison. At one point in the set, lead singer James disappeared off the stage and walked to the sound unit in the middle of the room, turning our attention to his great frontmanship. The intimacy of the venue meant that eye contact was easily made, which made the gig feel special and fun. 

The expected encore had the crowd screaming for ‘one more song’ as loud as we could, and as they came back on we were blessed with two more. ‘Eat me Whole’ and ‘Adored’ were the last two songs, and if the atmosphere wasn’t already electric, these tunes sent the sparks flying.

An amazing, sweaty night that proved that Sea Girls are a band to be ‘Adored’.

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