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The Peach Fuzz’s New Track Impresses

Liverpool’s The Peach Fuzz released their new track, ‘Pieces’, on 11th October. The single hasn’t gone a miss, it already having been pinned as This Feelings’ Track of the Day and a live performance being featured on BBC Music Introducing Merseyside, winning them over with their ‘psych glam indie’.

Even on first listen the track’s ambient synth intro transports you straight back to the 80s. Reminiscent of the sound captured by Blossoms in their 2018 album, ‘Cool Like You’, most notably the track, ‘I Just Imagined You’, its bright guitars certainly give off a feel-good factor despite its lyrical content.

The track’s introspective melodies are delivered in an almost effortless way by Nathaniel Cummings. However, the same cannot be said about the much more difficult situation the lyrics seem to be painting a picture of. Rather, as described by Getintothis, the track fascinatingly centres on ‘the relationship between two people’, posing a conflict of interest where you’re unsure whether ‘they adore or hate each other’.

The lyrics tell the tale of a relationship with merely ‘pieces’ left which are being clung to for dear life. Such a struggle is clearly shown through the exclamation of ‘We faked it for the last few months you said’, as well as ‘And I hate when you say that your life’s in me/ I know that it’s not and you’re feeling the flame with someone new/ I keep counting pieces of you’. Despite this, the track does contain some more positive, almost romantic elements, for instance, ‘And you said you won’t like it when I’m dead/ So cute ‘cause I’m living now with pieces of you’, helping to set up this two mindedness and dichotomy between love and hate. Such toxicity is then alluded to further in I’ve learned to hate you and separate the glue between pieces of you’ which perhaps leads to the utterance of the track’s closing line ‘What am I gonna do?’.

Catch The Peach Fuzz on their first UK headline tour!

4th March – Lending Room, Leeds

5th March – Gullivers, Manchester

6th March – Cafe Totem, Sheffield

7th March – The Attic, Glasgow

11th March – The Victoria, London

12th March – The Moon, Cardiff

13th March – Mothers Ruin, Bristol

14th March – Muthers Studio, Birmingham

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