Temples – ‘Hot Motion’ | Album Review

Temples fall into cruise control with 3rd LP ‘Hot Motion’

Kettering 4 Piece Temples have released their latest full length offering, following on from 2017’s mesmerising ‘Volcano’.  And upon first listen, it appears to be business as usual. A Galloping rhythm section, layered with a stout guitar sound, and a dreamy, elongated vocal delivery.

Title track ‘Hot Motion’ is first up, and draws you in with its contagious energy, along with an anticipation that something better is yet to come. (Frontman James Bagshaw counts down in the verses. ’Fourteen days of commotion, Thirteen days in the storm’, before finishing the track with ‘One more day left to go, We stand’).

Indeed something better is to come. ‘You’re Either on Something’ is as good as anything else in Temples’ ever expanding discography. With a vocal delivery that sits somewhere in-between Tame Impala and MGMT, the chorus goes off like a soft gunshot.

‘Holy Horses’ would not sound out of place on their brilliant debut ‘Sun Structures’. Heavily guitar driven, it commands your attention from start to finish. It has a more playful, upbeat flavour than anything else on Hot Motion.

The striking difference in this release, is an uncharacteristic darker feel, lyrically and musically. Closing track ‘Monuments’ explores feelings of self doubt, and changing behaviours. ‘I don’t know where to sway, when things go wrong, I know I’m self assured, but I’m not, a featherweight will weigh you down’, Bagshaw repeats.

The one flaw that Hot Motion has, and it is a big flaw, is the sense that there isn’t many risks taken in its 45 minute duration. None of the 11 tracks leave you thinking ‘They haven’t done this before’.

Playing it safe can work, and it does appear that Temples have found a ‘formula’ that they intend to stick with. It will be interesting to see is there is a change of course on LP number four.

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