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Sunflower Thieves release New Track ‘Heavy Weight’

Heavy Weight is the beautiful new release from Sunflower Thieves – the Leeds-based pop-folk band which is made up of dreamy duo Amy and Lily, following the formal release of their debut single Two Halves in September 2018.

Heavy Weight is one of the few songs that the pair has sat down and written together which has undoubtedly resulted in a deeply personal and emotional track. It narrates the hopelessness, the struggles and the suffocating feelings that coincide with social anxiety, a subject that both artists have their own experiences to share. 

The track begins with simple, dulcet vocals which are layered across soft, folky guitar strums. The guitar composition of this track is a result of the duo’s collaboration with fellow songwriter Joseph Knight, and provides a mesmerising yet melancholic acoustic number which is bound to give you goose bumps. 

The lyrics such as ‘you’re holding out aching for a change, restlessly waiting for a train‘ are carefully crafted to convey an uneasy train of thought, which is juxtaposed with the calm and harmonious delivery. ‘What would you do if the street lights burnt out‘ and ‘all your friends have unfamiliar faces‘ reflects the ideas that sometimes, anxiety can make even the people you know feel intimidating and unfamiliar.   

The duo’s sixteen years of friendship strongly translates into the art which they create together and is also reflected by the beauty of the band’s sound and tight vocals. Sunflower Thieves’ talent is truly evident in this self-produced, stripped back number where the main attention is drawn to Amy and Lily encapsulating voices and honest lyrics. 

Catch Sunflower Thieves at their upcoming shows, and prepare to be mesmerised…

The Venue, Derby – 10th October (supporting The Dunwells)

Hockley Hustle Nottingham – 27th October

Surfcafe, Tynemouth – 3rd November

Fortyfive Vinyl Cafe, York – 9th November

Cafe #9, Sheffield – 10 November

Jamcafe, Nottingham – 11th November

Oporto, Leeds – 12th November

Sofar, London – 14th November

The Big Comfy Book Shop, Coventry – 15th November

We Want Women, Liverpool – 29th November

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