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Merseyside psycho-billy trio bring the satire in their strongest release yet. You’d be hard pressed to say the UK isn’t turning out great guitar bands at a rate of knots at the moment, but Eyesore and the Jinx keep rising to the top.

Despite only having 3 prior singles to their name, be it the blues tinged ‘Gated Community’ from last year or the anxious lo-fi charm of ‘Swill’ and ‘On An Island’, each one has been an indie-punk romp punching well above its weight. This month marks the release of their latest single, ‘Leisure Time’, and they’ve not missed the mark this time either.

‘Leisure Time’ is a skewering of, as lead singer Josh Miller puts it, the ‘carefree nature of the British expat…enjoying themselves, at the expense of other cultures’. A stylistic departure from their previous more frenetic singles, ‘Leisure Time’ is a 3 minute long ‘your da’ joke, albeit with great hooks and thuddy, grooving drum lines. The repetition of the title in the chorus evokes the person the song is targetting, the ‘top banter’ of the has been perpetual lad-on-tour repeated ad nauseam, while the hazy swaggering hooks bring to mind the alcohol clouded debauchery of an all-inclusive hotel bar as the song collapses into the screaming final chorus. ‘Enjoy yourselves’ indeed.

More esoteric, confident and engaging than anything they’ve released so far, ‘Leisure Time’ leaves only one question to ask; when’s the EP coming out gents?

Words By Rob Collingridge

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