Jack Conman talks Writing Music, Relationships and Sex | Interview

Jack Keeps it Candid with his New Single

The phrase ‘hidden gem’ is thrown around a lot. You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s outdated, or even over done. That is, until, you stumble across Jack Conman and he changes all meaning of the phrase. 

His sound steers away from the tried and tested independent music sound of the North and produces something altogether more polished – when I say Jack Conman sounds a lot older than his 21 years,  it’s because it’s so easy to think you’re hearing the confident sound of someone who makes these tracks in his sleep. 

Never has that been more true than in upcoming single, ‘Feeling Sound Again.’ It’s a cripplingly intimate peak into that hazy, occupational headspace of being old enough to know where your life should be by now, but still not being quite sure how to get there. 

It. Has. Been. Produced. Flawlessly. Jack’s achingly honest lyrics decorate what he does so well in creating smooth, sardonic verses that flirt effortlessly with a bigger chorus. It’s a juxtaposition of losing your way and staying on track, and it’s gorgeous. How well does it work live?

Performing on my own is a lot more relaxing.’ he admits. Of course, there’s more to it than that.

Performing with my band is without doubt the best and worst thing ever. They make me howl with laughter. It’s a lot like having four kids… but I do love ‘em. Plus we sound great.’

He’s got a lot on his mind, does Jack. And he makes it sound like it’s alright to have a lot on your mind, too. 

I think it’s easier to put thoughts into songs, coz then the writing basically does itself. And my thoughts are generally a little bit insecure and confused, which I don’t mind sharing. They’ve helped me dissect things that have happened so that always helps.’

Creating a visual scene through lyrics is nice, too. Like some of Frank Ocean or Lou Reed’s music, for example – I’ve always liked how you can visualise what they’re singing about. I just try and write lyrics that describe what happened, and how that made me feel’

He’s not phased about tackling issues outside of the norm, either. If there’s a struggle internally or personally, where else to let it all out than in your own track?

It doesn’t scare me writing like that – I think I’m just saying what everyone else is feeling. I feel like being open emotionally has helped all of my relationships, especially so in romantic or sexual ones. That’s got to be a win win!

It’s that runs through-out his upcoming LP, Seventh Sense Libido. Conman’s looking at more intimate, internal issues that he wants to vocalise and create a more mindful space to express every part of yourself. Even if it strikes as one sense too many:

The “seventh sense” part was a play on “The Sixth Sense” film. Sexuality is fluid and it runs through everything, so of course it’s going to touch in with your other senses‘.

It makes up a lot of who you are. You can look at a couple and tell what sort of sex they have – that’s fine! That’s important, and it’s probably important to normalise. If you fall out with a partner, typically you don’t have sex. Or then you make up and it’s raunchy and a bit heavy.’ 

‘To be honest, sex has been something I’ve had a terrible relationship with in the past and it’s caused all sorts of problems. Now I feel like I’m doing it for the right reasons and it’s not just to boost my ego, or feel wanted.

It’s 2019 and the landscape for male artists is changing. If it’s becoming more candid, Jack Conman is easily becoming the front runner of keeping things relatable. And in creating messages the way he does, he’s making damn sure it’s all pretty essential listening.

We’re all trying to convince ourselves we’re in the right place, doing the right thing… and we’re just lucky Jack’s doing the soundtrack.

Interview by Lauren Dodd

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