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Hull Slacker-rock Quintet Show Tease New EP With Impressive Single

Post-punk turns shoegaze with BDRMM’s latest track ‘Shame’. In anticipation of upcoming EP If Not, When?, the Hull five-piece have given us a taster of their new material, and there’s a lot to admire.

The lead guitar riff evokes thoughts of both Joy Division and The Horrors. Entrancing and inviting, it kickstarts the five-minute-long track and holds its own for over a minute. As frontman Ryan Smith’s vocals come in, they’re more laconic than prolix, combining well with the guitar as they work to captivate and mesmerize.

How do you tell someone who you love it’s time to move on?” ponders Smith. The hard-hitting subject matter isn’t something BDRMM are allowing themselves to shy away from, and for good reason; it makes for a more complete and sincere track.

Not that BDRMM haven’t already made something of a name for themselves, but ‘Shame’ could be the track that moves them to the next level – their live dates next month are not to be missed. All things considered, their future looks bright.

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