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Rex Orange County Produces another Synth Soaked Banger

The brand new, synth-driven song ‘10/10’, sees the end to Rex Orange County’s silence in the music world. He graces us with his latest quirky single. ‘10/10’ is the artists first solo single since 2017’s ‘Loving is Easy’ after ‘New House’ was released back in February.

Hidden behind the name, Alex O’Conner is the genius at the centre of the music, and he’s writing to the future in ‘10/10’. Lyrically, the song explains his two year break, and implies that last year wasn’t a good year for him, singing; ‘I had a year that nearly sent me off the edge, I feel like a 5’. It’s relatable, and as a listener, it’s nice to know that love songs aren’t the only option for ROC. He’s really capable of speaking about much wider, personal issues. An optimistic spin is also emphasised on what could have been a sad song, as this artist talks about how ‘maybe I’ll be a 10’ once things are sorted out.

Regarding the music, some transitions have also been made as ROC chooses to steer towards a much more synth lead world. Synths dominate through the whole track, yet it’s delicately balanced enough for us to hear what else is going on. These fun synths and eccentric electronic beats mix the signature sound of the Rex Orange County we know and love with an upbeat, positive twist. It creates excitement for the future.

Rex Orange County preaches that it’s okay not to be okay. Looking to the future in a new, synth heavy direction. It’s a ‘10/10’.

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