Pelicandy – ‘Underlove’ | EP Review

Pelicandy’s Underlove is an Underdog for EP of the Year

Two-Piece Pelicandy has delivered their debut EP Underlove and it sounds like it could be a candidate for EP of the year. After some lineup changes, the band has found unique chemistry with TC Beecham and Nicholas Mills.

As soon as you hit play on Underlove you are hit with the wonder of ‘White Sky’, which is a strong start. The track has a real retro feel to it with stynth work. Also combined with the minimalistic vocals, it really plays into that chilled out feeling.

Silent Treatment’ could potentially the best track of the EP, as the words; “Lower than Atlantis and hotter than the surface of the sun” rings through my head. The whole EP is relatively easy listening, and this song epitomizes it, making it must-hear.

Our Life Now’ wraps it all up and has some simplistic musical arrangements which anyone could get into the groove of. The lyrics are well thought out and considered, giving the track some depth and meaning and drawing a clear line between the band and other acts within the genre.

Overall the EP will come as a pleasant surprise to anyone who has never encountered the band before. It seems the band has found they’re feet with this EP and can use it as a launchpad for their future releases.

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