Dantevilles – ‘Welcome to the Theatre’ | EP Review

Dantevilles Release Second EP ‘Welcome to the Theatre’

Only a year since the self-titled debut EP, Dantevilles have released their second EP ‘Welcome to the Theatre’. We recently covered their latest track ‘Confessions, which gave us a small taste of the release of the EP.

Welcome to the Theatre has a strong dark-pop theme which shadows over the three-track EP, and it shows their best. The opening track ‘Soundscape’ has a catchy hook with a massive, punchy riff which is the shining light of the track.

The piercing guitars are a key feature for the EP, as it once again beams through on quick-hitter ‘Save Me a Dance’. This wins track of the EP for me. It all ends with ‘Confessions’ which we already knew packed a punch, but with these other songs by its side it definitely has good company.

The EP is another good outing for the band, as it will pepper up the set list and keep their fans thirsty for more. With two EP’s in the bank, what do the band plan on next?

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