Vistas – ‘Hello’ | EP Review

Vistas Treat us to Sophomore EP ‘Hello’!

H E L L O.

Vistas are an indie trio hailing from Edinburgh. They consist of vocalist Prentice Robertson, guitarist Dylan Rush and bassist Jamie Law. The boys started out in 2016, releasing their ‘Medicine’ EP, and since then it’s been non-stop bangers and an up-hill journey – supporting names such as Circa Waves, Spector and The Night Cafe. They also grabbed themselves a slot at festivals such as Community and Reading and Leeds.

In 2019 alone, the boys have done one UK headline tour in May/June, and are preparing to head off on a second in October and November. Having had the pleasure of seeing Vistas live four times since discovering them at the back end of 2017, I can safely say this is a band that are going to go far.

After releasing various singles over the past few years, on the 26th July the boys finally released their second EP, titled ‘Hello’. It’s fun, it’s upbeat, it’s typical Vistas. Catchy choruses and rhythmic guitar lines are what they do best.

The EP is a four track-long masterpiece. Each track consists of clear, concise lyrics, and the song is summed up within a few lines of the chorus. It’s obvious the theme of this EP is love. Whether that be with a significant others or just the good times with a pal; love and relationships are always a good foundation for a song – 99% of the time, people can relate to it. And people, or so I’ve found, tend to enjoy songs more when it’s something they can apply to their own life and experiences. I think Vistas have achieved this perfectly.

My personal favourite track from the EP is ‘Eighteen,’ a song about reminiscing the younger years – both the good and bad memories that occurred. The chorus, beginning with the lyrics; “can we go back to that scene, we were only eighteen,” are, I’m sure, ones multiple people can relate to. When the adult world hits: jobs, bills, responsibilities, a lot of people want to relive their teenage years – it’s the time in a person’s life where there are minimal responsibilities, and a time we’re at our happiest. There’s no such thing as a ‘sad song’ where Vistas are concerned – they’re very much a happy band, and upbeat, indie tracks are their way forward – but if I had to say so, ‘Eighteen’ is the most downbeat track – yes, it’s got an upbeat rhythm, but it gives me a sombre feel when I think of reminiscing. 

What’s next for Vistas, then? 

In between gigs they’ve been in the studio recording. An album? I hope so. Whether they’re creating odd singles or a 12-track LP, I’m excited, and you should be too. 

I have a slight feeling the boys are only just getting started. 

Join the ride. You’re missing out.

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