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Lower Loveday are back with their energetic new single ‘Chains!’

Hailing from Evesham, Worcestershire, Lower Loveday are a southern indie-pop quartet who provide enjoyable riffs and catchy lyrics, going to 110% in everything they do – in the aim of creating content that both they and their fans can be proud of. 

Their previous single, released back in March, was titled ‘The Fire That Burns Inside’ and carried such ecstatic energy. It’s an upbeat tune provided with a humorous music video. You can’t listen to the song without laughing and thinking about the dodgy shirts and even dodgier dance moves that the boys presented to us!

Listen Below:

However, after a long break writing and planning, Lower Loveday have begun to take themselves a little more seriously and have released ‘Chains.’ Only their fifth single, the boys are just getting started, and showing us what they can do. What we do know about them is that they’re extremely talented. The track begins with a prominent bassline and vocalist Mark Washington’s voice straight away – we’re thrown straight into the action. The verses hold a steady beat throughout, which are then pumped up when the chorus begins – a chorus bound to get any room dancing. 

A lyric that stands out to me in this track is towards the end, as Washington states “I don’t want to live my life for this 9-5, I need to live my life for the stars that shine.” I assume there’s some significance to the lyrics, there always are in songs; but I think it’s up to us to decide what it means to us, as listeners. 

There we have it! I could talk about this single all day – I’ve done nothing but listen to it whilst writing this – but now it’s over to you. Head over to your favourite streaming service, and give this a listen. You never know, it might just be your new favourite song!

Words by Zoe

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