Gauranga talk their Debut EP and what’s next | Interview

The West Yorkshire Band talk to all things ‘Miles Apart’

First off, I hope you’re all well and thanks for doing this!

Hey it’s fine we hope you’re well too!

First question, though: it’s known the EP ‘Miles Apart‘ is about relationships – both you’ve said that and the lyrics portray it perfectly. Are any of the singles about your own personal experience? If not, what inspired you to write such songs?

Yeah all of the songs are all about personal experiences! Which gave the inspiration to write them!

That’s sweet! It’s always best to write from the heart. Obviously, sometimes writing can be a strenuous task but others it comes together easily – how long did it take for you guys to write the EP?

Haha yeah! And the EP took us around 6 months of on and off sessions odd weekends and week days here and there in total to record but the songs were written fair quickly and we actually wrote 3 songs in one day musically and changed bits and add bits here and there over the months of being a band.

That’s pretty cool – your dedication’s admirable. Do each of you have a favourite song from the EP?

Yeah we do me personally (will) love let me go the most and miles apart is my least favourite song!

I’d say miles apart is one of my favourites – it’s so catchy! The end result is a 6-track EP. Were there any demos/other songs you’d written to be considered for the EP? If so, why didn’t they make it?

Yeah we’ve had a few and are currently making more which didn’t make it on the EP! But they’ll defo be used in the next!

Good! In hindsight, is there anything you’d change about the EP or any of the singles?

Nope I think we’re all very happy with it and we’re all very happy with how it turned out! Personally I wouldn’t change a thing.

That’s good to hear, though – shows the hard work’s paid off! Okay so, what’s next on the cards? Obviously you’re on tour with Vistas, BLOXX, Love Fame Tragedy – congrats, by the way! some amazing artists – but what’s next for music? Any singles coming our way soon?

Well as of right now I can’t say a thing! But it’ll be sooner rather than later!

That’s what I like to hear! Finally, could you sum up the EP in one word or phrase?

Just fruity songs that people can relate to.

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Interview by Zoe

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