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Animal House have released another rip-roaring single, Legs out for Summer’ and we can only anticipate more 100mph madness from these veteran Garage Rock provocateurs. 

A guitar solo that can only be described as an onslaught of blisteringly sharp tone and endless churning of aggressive drum beats that will cripple even your worst day, are just some of the many highlights from this bulldozer three and a half minute track. 

Listen Below:

“Make an old man angry, make him think he’s right, huh” are now the distinct, satirical lyrics we pine for from this exciting Brighton/Australian five piece. Vocal phrases are impressively enunciated and spat over simple chords in superior fashion. Just another indication of what will undoubtedly be a game changing band. 

This track would not be out of place on a Dandy Warhols album and draws comparison with Dr. Feelgood and early Kings of Leon. It is unapologetically, quintessentially, balls-out Rock ‘n’ Roll. 

‘Legs out for Summer’ will entice you to tell your boss to stick it, while laughing all the way to the nearest beach, using your P45 for barbeque fuel! Animal House’ debut album, ‘Premium Mediocre’ is out on November 15th – and we cannot wait. 

Words By Conor Wilde

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