Gertz – ‘Think of the Future | EP Review

Gertz Release Second EP

Getrz have released their second EP, ‘Think of the Future’ and it’s a ridiculously catchy triumph for this Swindon four piece. 

The band throw explosive riffs over coming of age romantic themes with finesse and guise. In recent months they have had some serious shows including, Isle of White, Y Not festival and a string of club appearances around the UK with illustrious grass roots promoter, This Feeling. 

Their EP illustrates exactly why they are gathering this critical attention. ‘Think of the Future’ is an impressive progression on their historical tracks and typifies why this band have a very bright future. 

When you were mine, you never took the time to think of the future”, is the opening lyrical phrase from the final track that also titles the EP, ‘Think of The Future’. It’s moving, thought provokingly real and a true, poetic, ballad that hits heights way above their peers. It even has a piano outro that is 100% coming to a Hollywood blockbuster closing scene near you. It’s undoubtedly the best track and rightfully deserves the EP title. 

The whole EP takes a deep dive into hard truths and it’s a big change in direction. Tracks, ‘Annie’, How Do You Think I Feel’, Insomniac Waltz’ and She Heard I’m a Dreamer’ are powerful, driving and anthemic. Moody, intense riffs and deafening drums blast while powerful vocal harmonies snarl vocals of, “How do you think I feel in the morning” and “It’s just me and you together”, in a manor that’s so much more uplifting than your average pop rock record

Showing a real maturity to the bands growing repertoire of 10 tracks released in 2 years, it is now too obvious that the future looks seriously big for this talented outfit.

Words by Conor Wilde

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