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George Eve releases ‘Ready For It’, are you ready for it?

Following the release of ‘My Girl’ in June, London based, George Eve is back with his new single, ‘Ready For It’.  

‘Ready For It’ appears to centre on the breakdown of a relationship. Here, there is a conscious focus on the appreciation that a relationship is failing, but also the expression that the individuals are not ready for it to end. Most notable in; ‘Cos we can’t get along, but we’re both still in love, and that makes it so hard’, and; ‘I look up and see the clouds are forming, do we sit and just ignore it now the sun is setting so low?. Along with; ‘Everytime you walk out the door, my stomach, it drops to the floor/ But you’re the girl that’s on my mind’. Such conflicting emotions are carried through the track and are acknowledged on both sides of the relationship in, ‘I know that you would leave me but you find it really hard to let go/ I know that I would leave you but it’s hard to let go’. 

Listen Below:

For the most part, the track is delivered in a medium to fast paced, almost spoken style. When looking at George’s Spotify playlist ‘PROJECT VIBES’ to find the inspiration behind the track, it is clear to see why this is the case. With Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Post Malone, Frank Ocean and Twenty One Pilots to name a few in here, this style is no longer a surprise. 

The single appears highly experimental, even in its alt-J reminiscent opening. The track includes multiple layers of production, with the inclusion of sound effects, ad-libs, brass sections, and whistling. However, in light of this, George manages to push the production quite far without it becoming distracting or overbearing. 

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