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Sophie and the Giants back at it again with ‘Break the Silence’

Following the release of their 2018 EP, Adolescence’, and subsequent single, ‘This Light’, Sophie and the Giants are back with a new track. ‘Break The Silence’ was released on 16th August following a boat load of live shows by the band.

On first listen, the track most reminds me of the band’s earlier single, ‘Bulldog’, the track being similarly empowering and centred on strong will. However, the track accomplishes this in a much different way. 

The track begins descriptively, ‘Baptised by fire, hanging by a thread/ Doing what they told ya, turn left instead/ We are the broken pieces held together by gold/ Words unspoken that no one knows/ We don’t run, we don’t run, we don’t run’.  In a beautifully poetic approach, Sophie delivers a synopsis of everyday life and its difficulties. 

Listen Below:

This however is then juxtaposed in the track’s subsequent lyrical content, ‘We rise before the sun/ We’re singing with a million voices/ But even when it hurts, together we can learn to break the silence’ and ‘Stand up put down the gun, don’t fear, feel the love/ This time we’ve had enough/ And even if it hurts, together we can break the silence’.  Here, we are encouraged against being defeated by the ideals in the first instance of the track, this proving highly empowering in its proactive stance. This aims to unite, almost encouraging an us vs them idea, the them possibly being those in power, creating the silence. 

The track seems to fit perfectly in today’s political landscape. The track really appears relevant to a multitude of political issues, but most notably, a disregard for those in control as well as issues regarding a rise in both violence and pockets of hate nationwide, this being demonstrated in ‘With all your weapon freedom, no sacrifice, we need each other, not different sides’.

Although the song’s lyrics appear most obviously alluring, the band really achieve a dichotomy of sonic arrangement which coincides perfectly with differing lyrical content to really evoke different emotions at different stages of the track. To do this, the more solemn portions of the lyrical content are complemented by a softer arrangement, centered on an acoustic guitar, for instance at the beginning of the track. However, the track appears to build both lyrically to be much more empowering and sonically with an obvious increase in volume and the introduction of much less subtle drumming, for instance in the chorus.  

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