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Seazoo throw some new music up!

On August 13th, 2019 Welsh pop-rock band Seazoo treated us with their latest single Throw It Up, said to be supporting single for the bands sophomore album, aimed for a release sometime in 2020.

If Throw It Up is an indication of how the next album will sound, we must then prepare for swift and fun record coming at us with a ray of speed and purpose, as this is what we are treated with in the latest single. Seconds into the song, we hear what appears to sound like a spaceship ready for take-off alongside the punk-ified strum of the guitar that makes up the foundation of the song.

Rightfully so, the spaceship-esque sound is definitely well placed in the start, as the track takes us into a world of feel-good optimism and helps us serve up a farewell message to a certain lifestyle we might be jaded of and ready to part ways with. The song aids us in a way as to say, start over, let go of whatever it is that is weighing you down, enjoy the moment,  and everything will turn out fine. This message can be heard in the melodious hook, ‘Throw it up, goodbye so long . . . Throw it up, come on, come on. . .” going hand in hand with the quick and animated riff of the guitar.

Throw It Up is not flashy and all over the place, but nor it does it need to be, as it gets straight to its point, and does it effectively. The track is relatable, energetic, enjoyable, and catchy; making it far-suitable to be a lead single, on what should be a good sophomore record. Back-tracking and listening to the bands noteworthy debut Trunks is recommended, but the latest single and perhaps another release soon to come will serve as placeholders as Seazoo fans await the anticipated 2020 sophomore release. In the meantime, just throw it on, come on, come on.

Words by Rudy Caldera

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