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Introduce yourself to Warmduscher!

Warmduschers music isn’t normal. It doesn’t feel like music. It sounds somewhat aggressive as if it would punch you square in the face if you criticized its guitar riffs or its bass line. As if it would karate chop you in the throat if you muttered in the faintest of voices that its lyrics were confusing and meaningless.

Warmduschers lack of musical skill (Musical skill could be for example; Noel Gallagher with his guitar or Amy Winehouse and her voice) set them apart from the rest and, potentially, make them better. Not better in a musical sense but better as in I want to listen to Warmduscher more than a well crafted Winehouse tune or one of Gallagher’s guitar riffs. Warmduschers music is like parenting. Its end product is good (usually), it’s fun to do but if you don’t keep an eye on it, it can go horribly wrong.

Listen Below:

Personally, I think Warmduschers new track evokes all of these feelings and really encapsulates what they are all about as a band. A heavy bass line and repetition of simple yet powerful guitar riffs and chords. We also hear the trademark voice of Clams Baker, the cowboy hat wielding frontman of the band (and Paranoid London’s frontman). As it is so common in most Warmduscher songs his strong voice and deep tones hold the songs rather simplistic background together and this background of music in turn really complements his voice.

The bands songs are commonly quite heavy and gritty with sounds reminiscent of classic guitar rock and post- punk tunes. Bakers voice sometimes varies and we hear psychedelic and captivating tones. The song ends with an aggressive and violent ‘YEAH’ shouted by Baker, this summarises my feelings toward Warmduscher as a band.

Words by Tom T

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