Junodream talk their Debut EP and Music in General | Interview

Photo by Ned Botwood

We talk to One of Londons most Promising Bands, Junodream

Hey guys! Can you introduce yourself, where you’re from and how Junodream was created?

We are from all over the UK but met at school and formed a band which in hindsight was not at all good. When we got to uni we decided to upgrade to Junodream and haven’t looked back.

Your twitter bio declares that your ‘inspirations include late nineties rock and trip-hop artists’, who or what is the biggest influence in your sound/lyrics?

We like artists like Beck, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Radiohead and Pavement to name a few. Hearty, wholesome, and a little bit depressing. That’s what gets us up in the morning.

Your 3-track debut EP Terrible Things That Could Happen was released in April, was there a coherent theme behind all three songs?

Anger, bitterness, loneliness and apathy all mixed together with a sprinkle of sarcasm.

What were you listening to for inspiration?

All of the previous artists mentioned and a fair bit of Weezer.

The production on this EP is really nice, do you self-produce?

Thank ye thank ye. Tom the guitarist spent a few months teaching himself how to record music through YouTube videos. We then bought some microphones and moved to a cottage in the middle of nowhere. After some trial and error it eventually worked. Tom is the one to thank – he’s an actual wizard.

You’ve got nearly 100k monthly listeners on Spotify now and your single To The Moon has well surpassed the 1m stream mark, how does it feel seeing these kinds of numbers?

Yeah, that sort of came out of nowhere but we’re not complaining. It mainly told us we have something people like which is nice. Keep streaming folks, we’ll take the pennies where we can.

Who are three bands/artists that we should be listening to right now?

Wooze, Fontaines DC and Forth Wanderers

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

We have some tracks coming out later this year which all follow a similar theme. We’ll be gigging much more and experimenting in our home studio.

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