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Spector Release New Track ‘I Won’t Wait’

I first heard Spector at the iconic Albert Hall on Peter Street, central Manchester. I only entered the venue as they played their final song of the set, a poignant rendition of their own tune ‘All The Sad Young Men’. Lead singer

Fred Macpherson, frontman of Spector and son of controversial civil servant Sir Nicholas Macpherson, had his microphone wire coiled around his wrist and his leather cladded boot placed on a speaker, his thick-rimmed black glasses seemed to make him seem less like an outlandish frontman and more like someone who may struggle from the problems that the aforementioned song ‘All The Sad Young Men’ eludes to.

Listen Below:

This gives the tune a personal and appealing touch. I hadn’t heard the band that much after the gig, I stumbled across some of their tunes like ‘Chevy Thunder’ but that’s about it until I recently heard their latest track ‘I Won’t Wait’. The track begins in a tone reminiscent of Two Door Cinema Club with Macpherson’s captivating voice pulling the listener in immediately with his sharp and snappy tone alike Everything Everything’s lead singer Jonathan Higgs.

The song flows into a chorus where all the instruments pick up over the top of the guitar we heard at the start, this is common in Spector songs. The song then continues in this light and the hooking melody allows Macpherson to play with his vocals bringing the song a new dimension.

Words by Tom T

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