DMA’S – MTV Unplugged Live | Album Review

Sydney Trio Reaffirm Their Status As One of the Best Bands in Indie

Without a doubt, DMA’S are no secret. The Britpop-revivalists from Sydney have established themselves as one of the better indie acts this side of 2010, with two pretty solid albums and a support slot for Liam Gallagher at his Finsbury Park show. On their MTV Unplugged Live album, the trio showcase their talent further. Present are a mix of old favourites, new tracks, and covers.

First and foremost, ‘Feels Like 37’ is the ideal song to start off with. A throwback to their self-titled debut EP, it’s a reminder of how far DMA’S have come. ‘Lay Down’ follows. One of the standout tracks from debut album Hills End, it works well in the Unplugged format.

Their 2016 cover of Cher’s ‘Believe’ was a success, and here they take on another iconic singer in the form of Madonna. They own ‘Beautiful Stranger’, with it sounding like an original track in many ways, as the band put their laidback Britpop spin on things.

They seldom hit a bum note; the setlist is well-ordered and is an accurate representation of their career thus far. That said, it does feel as if the album is building up to the finale. ‘Step Up the Morphine’ and ‘Delete’ get ready to round it off. ‘Delete’ in particular impresses as the acoustic format gives the track a new atmospheric, haunting quality.

Last but not least, an elongated rendition of ‘Do I Need You Now?’ is the closer, and its mellow feel is the ideal way to end things. For all that DMA’s are frequently compared to the likes of Oasis, they’re a very good band in their own right, and their MTV Unplugged set proves it.

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