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The Sherlocks Release New Track ‘Magic Man’

The Sherlocks have returned with more of their infectious tunes, as their third single of 2019 ‘Magic Man’ has been released. Taken straight from their upcoming album ‘Under Your Sky’, which is due to be released on October 4th, ‘Magic Man’ follows the high energy levels set by their previous music.

Combining the classic ingredients of indie rock, ‘Magic Man’ is destined to be an indie anthem. Escalating riffs run through the whole tune, as well as an instrumental section being handed to guitarist Josh Davidson, who does their guitar rock vibe great justice. And what’s a great band without a great drummer? Brandon Crook’s striking rhythms make for it to be a tight, well-executed performance accompanied by Andy Davidson’s strong bass lines.

Listen Below:

Magic is the main idea that runs throughout the whole track, whether that being the spellbinding guitar playing or the hypnotic lyrics. Kiaran Crook’s smoothly sings how someone is ‘much more than a one in fifty-two’, referring to a pack of cards. This clever wordplay emphasises The Sherlocks’ talent when it comes to songwriting, and highlights the level of thought gone into each one of their stadium-ready songs.

Magic Man’ is the second glimpse into what their unreleased album will sound like, as the quartet have also released ‘NYC (Sing it Loud)’. From what we’ve heard so far, it’s safe to say that this album is destined to be a compilation of guitar anthems.

Despite the vocals singing ‘I’m not a magic man’, The Sherlocks prove to be magic at music with their latest single ‘Magic Man’.

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