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Birmingham’s Finest grab Single of the Week ‘In My Element’

For several weeks The Clause have been teasing us with their new track ‘In My Element’, finally, the day came on July 12th.

The band put a lot into the build-up of the track, and you hear why within the first 10 seconds of the song. The initial riff has a larger than life feeling, as you know they’re onto something big, with the band adding to it with their signature sharp style. This isn’t kids having a bash at playing guitars, it’s four professionals displaying a high level of craftsmanship in songwriting.

Watch Below:

Pearce’s voice is in crisp condition as it always is, while the band smoothly groove through the gears. Liam’s solo is encouraging to hear, as his guitars skills continue to develop and help sculpt that Clause sound which is becoming ever more defined.

The band has evidently grown, with ‘In My Element’ sounding increasingly mature, as they take another brave step forward in their music journey. Also the band show that their multi-faceted, with this track being a polar-opposite to the heartfelt ‘Where Are You Now?’ which was released previously. The Clause are going places, and this proves it.

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