No Hot Ashes – ‘Extra Terrestrial’| New Music

No Hot Ashes release another slice of gold on the way to their Debut Album

No Hot Ashes are building some suspense on the road to the release of their debut album, and ‘Extra Terrestial’ is another song which continues that trend.

The Stockport band deliver another solid performance on the track, hopefully lifting the curtain on what’s to come on the full album. The songs boasts all things wonderful about NHA, from Isaac’s effective vocals to riffs which embed themselves into your mind.

One thing which make NHA stand out from a lot of bands is the lyrical depth to the songs, as they refuse to lean on tired cliches as the force creative songwriting to the forefront.

Listen Below:

No Hot Ashes Debut Album Hardship Starship will be released August 16th.

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