PALAVA – ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’ | New Music

PALAVA make their first noise in 2019.

2019 has been a relatively quiet year for Manchester band PALAVA, as they have yet to release any new music despite playing several shows. Well this all changes at midnight.

After hearing the track prior to its release, I can say it will be a treat for lovers of all things Oasis and lad rock. The band’s early late 90’s should please many, as you’ll be treated to a solo which Noel would’ve been pleased to have penned himself. Along with this you also have the get up and get out lyrics which are delivered with swagger, and would urge people to stomp their feet at a live show.

The song very much follows suit of their previous releases ‘White Denim’ and ‘Sometimes (I Wonder)’, with the energy very much a key feature.

The track will be released on 5/7/2019 on Spotify and Apple Music.

Have a listen below to see what you can expect from the band:

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