Blossoms @ Edgeley Park, Stockport – 22/06/2019 | Live Review

Blossoms make a milestone with memorable Stockport Show.

It’s not often that a band is able to sell out 15000 tickets at a football stadium in their own backyard, but Blossoms did just that. The band emerged from Stockport way back in 2013, and it’s fair to say that last Saturday night’s gig was beyond their wildest dreams. Held at Stockport County Football ground, it saw their biggest headline gig to date and has been highly anticipated since the tickets went on sale. Backed by four strong Northern bands – Fuzzy Sun, The Blinders, Cabbage and The Coral, it was deemed the ‘Glastonbury of Stockport’.

First up was Fuzzy Sun and as the sun beamed down on the crowd, their psychedelic riffs made it feel as though summer had finally arrived. This band have a familiar sound to Blossoms, and coming from Stockport themselves, they were very well-received.

The Blinders then followed, and where their powerful music sounds, mosh pits form. Loud, strong and energetic, they were the perfect support act and geared the crowds up for four more hours of screaming and dancing. 

As the evening started to fall, Cabbage rocked the stage whilst the crowds grew and grew, and their wild reputation was certainly lived up to. Cabbage had the masses screaming ‘Torture’ and were a thoroughly wicked band to watch live. 

Last to grace the stage before the main act was The Coral, who put on a pleasant set, but at times felt a bit slow and dreamy for the chaotic carnage in the centre. However, once they played tunes that we could jump up and down to everything was good again. 

And then, finally, Blossoms themselves. The quintet scrubbed up nicely, all dressed in various coloured suits.  The first song of their hour and a bit setlist  ‘At Most A Kiss’ was blasted out and the atmosphere turned electric. Flares and smoke bombs were set off around every corner of the stadium, and the sky was tinted blue and red. After a few tunes, frontman Tom told the audience how 10 years ago to the date himself and drummer Joe Donovan were in the building opposite for their school prom. How times can change!

Their set saw a balance of both of their albums and ranged from the pop steering songs ‘Cool Like You’  and ‘I Can’t Stand It’ to more guitar driven tracks such as ‘My Favourite Room’. In fact, before the latter, Tom Ogden told the fans that he wanted everyone on people’s shoulders for the slower, swoony song, which was a nice change from the standard phone torch. Throughout the night, snippets of cover songs were also merged into the setlist including a verse from Oasis’ ‘Half The World Away’, before a full rendition of David Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’. 

The last two songs marked the end of an incredible night, and so it’s easy to believe that when the recognisable riff of ‘There’s a Reason Why’ was boomed out, the ground went crazy. After swiftly being followed by the classic ‘Charlemagne’, streamers of confetti exploded the air and their smooth flowing set came to a close.

Described as an ‘era-defining moment of the early years’ by Ogden, Blossoms at Edgeley Park will forever live on in the memories of those who went. 

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