Grace Gillespie – ‘My Love Surreal’ | New Music

Singer-Songwriter Arrives on the Scene with Latest Track

“I suppose the song was me trying to win myself over” says Grace Gillespie of new track ‘My Love Surreal’. Gillespie’s dreamy vocals evoke thoughts of The Orielles’ vocalist Esmé Dee Hand-Halford as she sings over quirky synthpop . Think Marina circa 2010. Firstly, there’s something about this track that’s instantly captivating. Like previous release ‘I’m Your Man’, it bears similarities with the best alt-pop around while also containing the individuality that makes her material so good. Make no mistake, this is Grace Gillespie.

‘My Love Surreal’ is delicately poised, Gillespie wearing her emotions on her sleeve. She sings of seeing “the day-glo/feeling so low”, with everything “entirely out of reach”, before we end up safe in the knowledge that “love is real”. To sum it up, she describes the track as a ‘summer dysphoria’, which all in all is pretty accurate, a sense of optimism playing tug-of-war with more melancholic feelings.

Only Gillespie herself knows whether she has won herself over, but it’s safe to say that she’s well and truly won us over.

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