FloodHounds – ‘Always In Sight’ | EP Review

FloodHounds New EP Is One To Keep Listening To

Always In Sight is the latest EP to come from FloodHounds, the Sheffield trio who are building a reputation through an array of exhilarating lives shows, by recently propelling their enchanting fusion of grungy blues across the UK. After supporting the likes of The Blinders, Avalanche Party and BlackWaters, FloodHounds have grown tired of being quiet, with this latest release recorded at Sheffield’ MUStudios with producer Martin Smith (Richard Hawley, Jarvis Cocker).

The EP

Firstly, the EP begins with the anthemic number Take It Too Far, named by Gigslutz as “a psychedelia-packed beast of a tune”, it slaps you in face with an almighty energy. This dangerous catchy, riff-laden track features Jack’s lead vocals delivering optimistic lyrics such as ‘But if we hold on tight, keep a steady hand it’ll be alright’ . It’s accompanied by Lauren’s blissful backing vocals, to make for a truly satisfying opening track. The EP’s title is derived from the line “I want to leave you behind but you’re always in sight”- featured in the lyrics of filthy blues number ‘Stepping Stone’ (which was crowned our ‘Single of the Week’), with this second track bringing FloodHounds’ signature foot-stomping and contagious energy. The line became a common theme and is relevant to the other punchy tracks. It reflects the struggles that come from the urge to change things and move forwards, but forever having to push past obstacles in order to do so.

Lewis Evans

Then, the direction of the EP quickly sways into a seemingly chill little number Leave It Alone. It pairs a pleasing beats with dirty bass riffs to create a satisfying air of grunge. This is brought back down to Earth with lyrics focused around being trapped in endless circular debates. ‘I can’t leave it and she can’t leave it alone’. The track is then drawn to a close via a snazzy breakdown. It’s also driven by a funky bass line reminiscent of the Stone Roses and Smashing Pumpkins.

Last but not least., the final track dreamy Going Home immediately brings a classic rock and roll vibe, building up to a beautifully bluesy ballad. As the track breaks down, delicate drums and mellow, psychedelic guitars are interlaced with lyrics ‘there’s more in the world that I’m leaving behind’. This is reflective of melancholic themes of always remembering where you come from and where home is. Joel’s deep and fuzzy bass then drives the track to a perfectly fitting and rollicking end to this EP. It quickly builds into a guitar shredding frenzy, that undoubtedly leaves you wanting more.

Overall, Always In Sight displays wonderful example of FloodHounds’ versatility by mixing blues and grunge – perfectly genre-fusing with elements of punk alongside classic rock and roll vibes. This is a fine collection of tracks from a wonderful band who have more great thing to come.

Don’t miss out on experiencing FloodHounds this summer!

Isle of Wight Festival – 13th – 16th June

Tramlines (Crystal Stage) – 19th – 21st July

Thornbridge Peakender Festival – 16th – 18th August

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