Lauran Hibberd @ The Joiners, Southampton – 21/05/2019 | Live Review

Upcoming Indie Star Owns First Night of Headline Tour

“We’re a support band”. Lauran Hibberd might be used to supporting the likes of Hinds and Hippo Campus, but the Isle of Wight singer more than holds her own as she kicks off her first headline tour on the South Coast.

Support is provided by indie kid Devon, accompanying Hibberd on all tour dates, and local band Submariner. It’s the latter who open the night. Submariner show clear promise with their lush indie sound that borrows from dream-pop and shoegaze, while sounding not unlike contemporaries Catfish and the Bottlemen. Likewise, Devon also impresses, working as a sort of distaff counterpart for Hibberd. Together, both support acts encapture the tone of the night expertly.

There’s something ludicrously infectious about Lauran‘s music, as it contains the spark of Sløtface and the attitude of Girli, but with her own unique spin on it. She begins her set with ‘Sugardaddy’ and the resolute energy that the song brings – a good indicator for the rest of the set.

One of the most entertaining aspects to Hibberd‘s live show is that she almost functions as two-parts musician, one-part stand-up comedian. Her rapport with the crowd is second-to-none; when describing ‘Sugardaddy’, she jokes about ‘scanning the room’ for one. ‘Meet me at the merch stand’, she remarks.

After that are ‘What Do Girls Want?’ (‘It holds none of the answers, sorry boys’, says Lauran) and ‘Hunny Is This What Adults Do?’. It’s more of the same powerful, punchy indie-pop, delivered with a shitload of passion and excitement.

Recent release ‘Hoochie’ garners the attention of the crowd. “Anyone know what ‘hoochie’ means?” Hibberd asks the crowd to cheers and nods, “You bloody dirtbags.”. Off-kilter fuzz rock, it brings up thoughts of Sunflower Bean and feels as if it could have been recorded in New York.

Not one to shy away from mixing it up on stage, Hibberd borrows her bassist’s instrument in a straight swap with her guitar. As she jokes herself, it’s ‘something else to put on my Wikipedia page’. Her departing song is crowd-favourite ‘Call Shotgun’, while she denies any possibility of an encore; we’re not Coldplay, she says.

Musicians like Lauran, naturally, attract hordes of young teenage fans. However, what sets Lauran apart from many in the pack is that she shows strong signs of staying power. She’s not the sort of artist that young fans will grow out of, and the mixed-age crowd at The Joiners is a testament to that. All in all, it’s an exciting evening from an exciting artist.

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