Myriad @ Suburbia, Southampton – 16/05/2019 | Live Review

Photo by Luke Simcock

Myriad Grab Support Slot by the Horns to Showcase Best of Southampton

With latest release ‘Castle of Sand’ in their locker, Myriad take to Suburbia’s stage with a short, but accomplished, set. Second on the bill to Oxford up-comers Daisy, the indie-pop quartet proved themselves to be one of Southampton’s hottest acts. Solo star Beth Williams and newly-formed pop-punks Willow Estate kicked off the evening, supporting Daisy alongside Myriad. It’s a solid display of local talent, leading up nicely to Myriad as the final support act.

We wrote about Myriad’s promotional campaign for ‘Castle of Sand’ earlier this month. Whereas then they highlighted a few other contributors to the Southampton music scene, they are able to display their own credentials on stage. Opening with ‘Afterglow’ and old track ‘Tate’, they start strongly, taking up the entirety of the stage and drawing the entire room to them. David Littleton is every inch the charismatic frontman, exuding energy and confidence. Alongside him, his bandmates provide their own tight and accomplished performances.

Photo by Luke Simcock

They work their way through their back catalogue, ‘Ocean’ and ‘A Little Longer’ making appearances. In particular, the latter lends itself well to being played live. Its power pop-infused indie is lapped up by a crowd that certainly seems to be enjoying every moment. By the time ‘Castle of Sand’ comes around, it feels as if it’s what the band have been building up to. After punctuating the gap between the last couple of songs with thanks and applause directed at a couple of key figures in the audience, Myriad culminate an energising set with ‘Easily’, an early single from 2018 and one of their most popular tracks.

They may be at Suburbia to support Daisy, but Myriad manage to more than make the stage their own. The future for Southampton’s music scene is looking a lot brighter these days, in no small part due to Myriad.

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