Weird Milk – ‘Anything You Want’ | New Music

Londoners Weird Milk Showcase Their Quality on Latest Track

Swirling from the trendy, arty indie of Sports Team to the anthemic, hook-driven singalongs of The Kooks, West London quartet Weird Milk are turning baroque-pop on its head with their new song ‘Anything You Want’. Although it’s a song that could be on a CD titled something like ‘Festival Anthems: 2008’ alongside The Fratellis and The Pigeon Detectives, it is equally at home next to the present wave of bands.

“Hanging out by myself/Sleeping on the weekend/Never felt so bad” they start, not particularly sounding on top of the world, though the music indicates the opposite. When talking about ‘Anything You Want’, Weird Milk explain: “The aim was to create a song of upbeat pop structure that sounded expansive and punchy in terms of production. With the verse lyrics matching this feel with the idea of being able to have anything you want, juxtaposed with a repeating chorus of being at home and sleeping all weekend, these two notions act almost as a conversation of call and response.”

If that’s their aim, they’ve definitely succeeded overall.

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