#11 WFM Music Pile-Up | ft. Some Bodies

With us being sent so much music on a weekly basis it’s difficult to review them all! So we’ve created a little space where we can share some new music which we think you will enjoy!

Some Bodies – ‘Tired All The Time’

After releasing ‘Escape’ back in February, Some Bodies have been keeping busy. They have just released their video for ‘Tired All The Time’ which was the B-Side for ‘Escape’. This track really is underrated for its vocal performance and emotion which surrounds the track. With the video, it makes it the song mean that much more.

Kosmonauts – ‘ Lady Lovesick ‘

Kosmonauts have released their second single of 2019 with ‘Lady Lovesick’ the track certainly has some Wombats influences with the vocals, and the frantic pace. The upbeat indie vibe is alive throughout the whole track and makes a great case to be sitting in your playlist.

Arliston – ‘Loud’

Whitechapel trio Arliston have released their first track of 2019, which is the ambient sounds of ‘Loud’. The song is the polar opposite to what the title leads you to believe, as the band offers a calming listen throughout. The musical elements included are sporadic and meaningful, from the lashing guitar to the subtle synth.

Zooni – ‘Pany’

It’s Brighton band Zoony who offer us another slower song this week with ‘Pany’ as their debut single has a very distinct sound to it all. The pace of the track allows you to center in on the thoughtful lyrics. After this release, it’s an obvious choice to track their progress from here.

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