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Myriad Launch New Single With Promotional Campaign Celebrating Southampton

Southampton indie four-piece Myriad have dropped new track ‘Castle of Sand’, with a killer campaign that highlights the city’s music scene. As part of their campaign, they took pictures with 12 figures from the local scene, each holding a piece of paper with a printed letter, spelling out the song title. The likes of Band of Skulls, Ricky Bates of The Joiners and Myriad themselves took part.

‘Castle of Sand’ is a banger on its own, anthemic indie-pop evoking comparisons with the likes of King No-one, The Wombats and Blossoms. “This castle of sand wasn’t built to last” they sing in the chorus, an allusion to often tenuous local music scenes, as we see independent venues shutting up shop. The Southampton scene might appear precarious, but “it stands strong when people hold it up”. Hence, the promotional campaign shows key local individuals holding up letters that spell out the name of the track.

Living in Southampton myself, I can see just how intricate the music community is here, and bands like Myriad are at the core of why the local scene is thriving right now. They couldn’t have chosen better people to join in with their campaign too, as The Joiners and Suburbia, amongst others, are crucial. Check out good music while supporting a city’s independent music scene – what could be better?

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