The Golden Dregs – ‘Nobody Every Got Rich (By Making People Sad)’ | New Music

Baroque-pop at it’s Finest as The Golden Dregs Drop New Track

Nestled somewhere between The Last Shadow Puppets and Joy Division, The Golden Dregs can be found. The current project of Benjamin Woods, latest single ‘Nobody Ever Got Rich (By Making People Sad)’ is lo-fi and low-key, making for an interesting, captivating listen on the whole.

Generally, Woods’ voice sits in the same ballpark as that of Ian Curtis, though with more gravel tones, as he sings sorrowfully about the relationship between a father and son. As he explains himself: “The son finds himself alone and struggling, and the father, failing to recognise his short fallings as a parent, fixates on how his own life hasn’t gone the way he’d hoped it would. And unable to communicate with his son or accept responsibility for his own unhappiness he turns to his god and asks ‘why?’”.

“I worked all my damn life/and I never got rich” sings Woods over a baroque-pop instrumental. It’s reminiscent of Father John Misty, if he was simultaneously more rasping and more melancholic. At just over five minutes, it’s not a short track by any means, but it doesn’t overstay its welcome, with the time to deliver a complete emotional sucker-punch.

All things considered, it’s a solid offering. The Golden Dregs are an artist to keep an eye out for as Woods moves forward.

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