Raw Sound TV discuss Starting out and the Birmingham Music Scene| Interview

RawSound TV talk starting out, the Birmingham Scene and The Next Steps!

With all of the great work their doing around the Birmingham Scene, we managed to catch up with the very talented RawSound TV. Covering numerous bands around Birmingham and their live shows, it was great to gain an insight into the team, and the idea behind it all!

Where and When did the idea for RawSound TV come about?

I had the idea for RawSound TV back in 2017 when I realised there was a lack of any decent live music tv shows, especially for unsigned bands.  I approached a friend of mine (who still works with me at RawSound TV) who had some camera and editing experience, to ask if he would be willing to help with my crazy venture. Thankfully he agreed and it grew from there.

After watching since it first began, what were some of the inspirations and influences for the show? It has a similar feel to the kexp live performances, but with a more personal touch.

The show is influenced by some of the iconic live music TV shows of the past, shows like The Word, The Tube, and The Old Grey Whistle Test all provide inspiration for what we do. Shows like this don’t seem to exist these days so we feel we are filling a void.

There’s a lot of moving parts on the show, from the editing of the footage to making sure the sound is correct along with many other things. Is there a particular aspect which is the most difficult?

It all gets easier over time. Up to now we have produced 43 shows featuring over 70 bands, so you could say by now we are ‘old pros’ but this is far from the truth. Something always crops up to put a spanner in the works, although this does become part of the enjoyment of producing the show – it keeps us on our toes!

The studio where it takes place is in Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham I believe, what was the process in getting that venue and why did you select that one?

Luckily, Glass Onion Recording Studio is owned by me. Established in 2003, I have recorded many bands and singers there since. The studio is given free for the show and at present as the show is self funded, this is one cost that would have meant RawSound TV would never have got off the ground.

You must have a very talented team of people around the company to create a great product. Where did you source team from? 

Yes, I’m really grateful to have a very talented and enthusiastic group of people who work with me to produce the show.  The original team consisted of willing friends who I don’t think knew what they were letting themselves in for! Sadly we lost a few of the original members, but we have since gained others who have either answered adverts or contacted us with an interest in getting involved. We’re now like a little family where everyone gets input into the various components of the show.

What was the original vision for it, is it shaping up to be what you wanted it to be?

The original vision for RawSound TV was to create a visual platform to promote what I could see was a talented and growing music scene in and around Birmingham. Having worked in the music business for many years, I am immensely proud of what Birmingham has produced in the past and it is now going through a rebirth with many, many new and exciting bands. Hopefully with the help of RawSound TV it will continue to do so and put the region back on the map as a musical hotbed.

You’ve become a really important part of the Birmingham music scene with you giving a lot of coverage to the bands and artists around here. Do you see the company sticking with Birmingham acts, or would you like to work with musicians across the U.K.?

As I mentioned before the Birmingham music scene is thriving and, as it is on our doorstep it has been our main focus.  We have however, featured acts from Cardiff, London, Brighton and as far afield as Germany. We are open to work with any artist from wherever in the world they are from but will always give a platform to our local talent too.

You’ve had a host of great talent featuring on the show. Do you have any favourites in particular? And who would you love to feature on the show?

It would be unfair of me to pick out anyone in particular, we have had some fantastic bands and artists on the show, some of whom are destined for big things.

You also have started creating 360 footage of live shows, which is great to watch. Is it difficult to set something like that up, and where did the idea originally come from?

Yes, our 360 degree footage is fantastic. As there is only one camera and therefore very little editing, it is not as difficult to set up as our usual multi camera arrangement.  The hardest part being finding that ‘sweet’ spot positioning the camera.  I have always been fascinated with virtual reality so having the opportunity to purchase a 360 VR camera and to produce our own live music VR footage was an opportunity I could not resist. 

What’s the next step for the company, and what would you like to achieve this year?

Our next step, while continuing to promote upcoming, unsigned bands and artists, is to secure funding or sponsorship. We are not currently a ‘business’ as such. We don’t charge artists to appear on the show and, since the beginning the show has been completely self funded with the crew giving their time for free and the studio also being given for free. Each series is a massive achievement for us so by the end of the year if we can have completed another three series and secured some kind of funding I will be very happy.

What is the long term goal for the business?

Our goal is to build a platform big enough so we can promote both nationally and globally the amazing music scene we have in Birmingham and the West Midlands which we are massively proud of. 

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