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Jade Bird Releases Surprising Debut Album

The sky is the limit for singer-songwriter Jade Bird who’s just released her self titled debut album at the tender age of 21. Crossing all of the genres, Jade Bird flourishes the best parts of rock, pop and even a bit of country. She carefully balances her delicately soft love cries with guitar drooling anthems that should be turned all the way up. Fresh from a tour supporting Hozier, Bird is paving a pathway for more female singers to play on the boundaries of music. Covering a variety of topics including marriage and divorce, Bird channels her love (and life) frustrations into catchy, unique songs.

The Album.

There appear to be two types of songs on the album. The first are fast tongue twisters that defy all generically bland tunes as she goes against the traditional ways of women in music. ‘Uh huh’ is the song that Bird herself admits that she has the least experience in (love affairs) and yet it still happens to be one of her biggest tunes. This catchy, musical fusion features Jade spilling the secrets in a relationship that’s going wrong ‘everybody sees that you’re just a little toy’. It’s a harsh truth that she sets in stone and this album is a lyrical treasure chest for saying things that usually go unsaid.
‘I get no joy’ is a truly unique song, however, its upbeat style could fool you as its lyrics are not those of happiness.

Bird fires words rapidly into our ears and it really does feel like an accomplishment to sing along. ‘You live you learn you love your dead’ highlights the simpleness of life which is ironic as this song, and others on the album, are all about overthinking. 


‘Ruins’ presents a typical topic of over analysing life in an atypical way. Unlike most of the songs, it features Bird with an acoustic guitar and only builds up halfway in with a slow drum beat. Jade mirrors the feeling of many as she sings ‘I’m not sure who I am’, but I guess who does?!
Of course, I have to mention one of her most popular songs ‘Lottery’, a clever track all about betting on love. It’s a great song to summarise her style, as the mixture of instruments and her voice are unique to Jade Bird, defining her. 

The last track on the album is the polar opposite of her fast ones. ‘If I die’ is a piano ballad which is completely stripped back to reveal Bird’s raw vocals. This song is vital in appreciating her songwriting skills. ‘If I die, put me in a song’ confirms her true passion for music and hints that even when she dies she wants to live on in songs. ‘17’ is a fellow piano song on the album. This song also shows the vulnerable side to Jade Bird, as she tells of the battle between her true emotions and the guard that is often put up in relationships. These songs are heart clenching whilst also managing to stay true to her own style.

Writing the whole album herself, Jade Bird knows what she wants to say and doesn’t want anyone else getting in the way of her own voice. 

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