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Talkboy Release New Track ‘Wasting Time’

If you’re looking for that wistful sun-drenched sound, ‘Wasting Time’, the new track from Leeds sextet Talkboy, will more than satisfy. It’s hardly surprising that they’ve bagged support slots with the likes of Our Girl and Another Sky, and they deserve a killer headline tour of their own soon.

Their sound is reminiscent of Black Honey, in part due to the vocals of Katie Heap and Calum Juniper, which work in harmony faultlessly, as fuzzy guitars and hazy drums swirl around them. In the same vein, the lyrics are sort of yearning, a commentary on youth: ‘Time waits for no-one/Especially not you and me’, the chorus begins.

Speaking about the track, Talkboy say: “It’s the catch-22 situation we often tend to find ourselves in – that we should enjoy ourselves as much as we can whilst we’re young, but at the same time, there is an over-riding feeling that you are wasting your time and you have the future to consider. It’s a juxtaposition of coming to terms with added responsibilities whilst trying to make the most of the present.

On balance, these guys are a safe bet to be the soundtrack to our summer. With festival appearances to come at Live At Leeds and Y Not amongst others, Talkboy could emerge as one of the stand-out acts. In short, ‘Wasting Time’ really is dreamy, psychedelic indie at its best.

Listen Below:

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